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Golf Lessons in Queenstown

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At Golf Federation we offer premium golf lessons taught by PGA professional and experienced coach Ben Guilford.

A typical lesson will include real-time videoing and playback of your swing from down the line and face on, so we can analyse your swing in slow motion. This allows for data-led diagnosis of problems with your swing that we can then work on fixing. A key part of our lessons is not always what we want to change in your swing however, it is often more about the education we provide to clients. This is really important to understand why you produce a shot like you do, thus helping you understand the personalised changes recommended to you. 

We use Trackman launch monitors in our coaching, which are by far the most accurate launch monitors on the market for the golf industry today. Using the Trackman indoors allows us to head to the virtual driving range for the lesson.

But what's most exciting about Trackman is the mindblowing personalised data it offers.

We will talk you through the range of data points that is presented to you on the screen which is really helpful for if you come back in to practice on your own, or use any other launch monitors.

Data like club path, face angle and low point distance isn’t something every golfer knows but once you do, this really does change the way you think about practicing and helps when you're on the golf course and understanding why your ball might be going right or left.

Another thing clients love about our lessons is being able to compare your swing against PGA Tour professional golfers. Every golfer will have some similarities to others and being able to see this reflected in a pro’s swing can be a great confidence booster. 

We also have a full range of training aids which are useful to help get the 'feeling' of what we are trying to achieve in your swing. Once you have a good feel then it's much easier to progress. 

Lastly, all the data that we collect from your golf lesson, which includes the videos and comparisons we make, are then emailed to you in a detailed report so you have got this reference point to come back to.

For those who love the data, Trackman also has a free app you can download and create an account which can link with your lesson data. This is useful to have on the course with you for distances so you know what club to select. 

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Golf Lessons Queenstown

If you are in need of a golf lesson click here to book in. We can’t wait to see the dramatic improvements in your golf game.

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