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What is indoor golf?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Some people think to play a golf course you have to be out on real turf chasing a little white ball around. That may have once been the case but now, thanks to modern tech, you can play golf inside.

You might be wondering: How does indoor golf work?

Let's start from the top:

  • Yes you use real golf clubs, and real golf balls. At Golf Federation, you're welcome to bring your own clubs or use our hire sets. We also provide Titleist Pro V1 RCT balls because playing with a premium ball improves accuracy for play and practice.

  • Our indoor golf simulator bays are setup with a full astroturf mat and a canvas screen that you hit your golf ball into.

  • The tech - Trackman launch monitors - detects exactly how you have hit the ball using doppler radar micro imaging cameras that relays back onto the screen to show your ball flight and shot.

  • A projector virtually tracks your golf ball onto the canvas screen, on whatever course or setting you've chosen to play.

  • It's much faster to get through an 18-hole round of golf - depending on the number of players and ability, you could complete a course in just 50 minutes!

In the last five years or so indoor golf has become very popular around the world, though many still aren't aware of how indoor golf simulators work - let alone the insights it can give you to improve your swing, or the range of golf courses available to play.

Golf Federation's Trackman technology includes access to over 260+ golf courses - and counting. These are prestigious golf courses from all over the world with the likes of St Andrew's old course (the home of golf), the iconic Pebble Beach and the recent 2023 Ryder Cup venue Marco Simone in Italy. Take your pick from anywhere in the world you'd like to go.

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Queenstown Golf Indoor Golf

For golfers who really want to improve their game, then golf simulators should be something to really consider using. With so much immediate feedback on offer, your practice time is much more worthwhile than hitting countless balls at a driving range without a clear idea of how far the ball is going or why you are shaping shots the way you are.

Trackman technology enables you to see every single piece of data that is possibly needed to improve: From simple insights like carry and total distances, to more advanced data like club path, angle of attack and face control.

Seeing real life data really educates yourself on why you might fade or draw the ball for example, and how changes and feels in the swing can be positive or negative. Once you have finished with your practice session we can email you a full report of every shot you hit with all the data attached too.

We offer lessons on site with our PGA Golf Professionals, if you'd like the added expertise to guide you through improving your game.

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