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Don't want to lose balls? Here’s where to play golf around Queenstown

Losing balls is every golfer's pet hate. You pull a brand new ball straight out of the packet and two holes later you are reaching for another one. How frustrating!

Here are our three best courses to visit around Queenstown and Arrowtown that give you a better chance of holding onto your golf balls.

Millbrook resort

As a resort course, Millbrook caters for every golfer ranging from beginner to professional. Its wide fairways, big greens and range of different tees make for generous golf. That is why if you're not wanting to lose your balls and your mind, this place is definitely for you.

Arrowtown Golf Club

You won’t find any bunkers on Arrowtown golf course.

Combine that with very few hazards and this small 18 hole course is a great golfing destination to not lose many balls in your round. Many of Arrowtown’s holes run parallel with each other, meaning if you do hit the ball wide of the tee you'll normally find it on the next hole or close by.

Golf Federation

Golf Federation is the one and only golfing destination in Queenstown where you don’t need to even bring your own golf balls, never mind worrying about losing them.

Golf Federation has brand new Titleist pro V1 RCT golf balls

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Golf Queenstown

to use for free when playing here. Being able to use premium golf balls to practice with is a dream come true for many passionate golfers out there.

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